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I love you and I am with you, I just have issues trusting you because of all the pain you caused me and I am afraid your just going to leave me again for her.


1-(630)-482-9696,  that’s the number for the depression hotline, Its all over tumblr,I just wanted to talk to someone other than my cat , I called the number, they were closed. no shit. Fuck it.


Ever notice how things just slowly fall apart till your alone? Your “friends” don’t give a shit, your own family doesn’t notice your pain or maybe they choose to ignore it, they will give you five dollars for gas or cigarettes, when you need that kind of help, but the minute you reach out for support, when all you need is some one to talk to it could be about anything they are suddenly busy and they send you to voicemail and ignore your text. You are alone, the people who were supposed to be there, Yeah they’re not.  you could just walk off and leave and it could be weeks before they even noticed something was amiss,                                                   

Wait that’s my life I could walk off and die and no one would notice.

Today is a bad day I am sick of everything its been slowly building and everywhere I turn every time I have tried to reach out for help, no ones there I am in so much pain, physical and emotional pain, and all I want is to make it stop, I just can’t hold it together anymore, I remember when I was happy, and now all I have is the memory and somehow that makes it all worse,

I just want it all to be over I can’t handle it anymore these past few weeks have been terrible then today was just to much I don’t want to be here anymore


Today I noticed I have 37 new followers you guys rock. Just thought you should know.