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I just want it all to be over I can’t handle it anymore these past few weeks have been terrible then today was just to much I don’t want to be here anymore


Today I noticed I have 37 new followers you guys rock. Just thought you should know.

 It's raining I'm wearing boots cut offs a cami and a giant sweater Thing I stole from my mother. I am wet, cold and my hair is now fucked. Ugh. When I get home I'm taking a nice warm bubbly bath and watching netflix while I do sit ups. I'm down another 5 pounds if I wasn't still a blob I'd take a selfie and show off. Pretty sure if I did my camera would break. Instead I'm sitting here. Feel free to talk to me btw.

I’m doing good it guess. I am my own worst enemy after all, I have been extremely tired lately. I started eating seaweed snacks here and there so people see me eating and don’t question. No new weight loss to report just a bit of hair loss but it’s ok bc my hair is extremely thick. And I’m seeing a new guy he’s sweet. I think he knows but he hasn’t said anything so I guess I should enjoy it while it last.

6271) I want this to stop but I have to get skinny first.